A Practical Guide for the
Transfer of U.S. Equity Securities
Basic Principles and Procedures
By Salli Marinov


"I find the content to be extremely factual. The material is presented in a clear concise manner. It is one of the best, easy to read, reference books I have seen. The content in your book would normally take 500 pages to write in any other reference book I’ve used in the past. For me, the glossary is one of the highlights of the book with every acronym and definition you could ever think of covered. I don’t think you left any stone unturned..."
James R. Alden, Director, Shareholder Services, The Walt Disney Company

"Ms. Marinov’s knowledge, experience and expertise from both the presenters' and transfer agent sides proves very illuminating. Her text comes alive!"
Kevin P. Irwin, Kevin P. Irwin & Associates, Training Coordinator for the Securities Transfer Association

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About the Author:

Salli A Marinov is President/CEO of First American Stock Transfer, Inc., a full service transfer agency located in Phoenix, Arizona that specializes in services to small and mid-size publicly reporting companies. Ms Marinov has 30 years of extensive experience in many securities industry environments ranging from cage accounting with AMT Securities and Young, Smith & Peacock, Inc. as a teenager into her early twenties, retail brokerage with Bateman Eichler, Hill Richards in Los Angeles, and Quinn & Co. in Phoenix, to OTC trading with Bateman Eichler, Hill Richards, to education and licensing of new brokers with SouthWest International Securities School, and, since 2004, transfer services at First American Stock Transfer, Inc. Since Ms. Marinov has come onboard, First American has doubled in size based upon recommendations and referrals and now services approximately 250 publicly active and 200 inactive or private companies.

Starting in the mid-80’s, Ms Marinov also spent time away from the securities industry while a member of the U.S. Navy stationed in both Hawaii and Spain. Upon leaving the military, she became an addictions counselor, writing curriculum and teaching skills to probationers and, later, a probation officer with Maricopa County Superior Court acting as a liaison between the individual and the Court system. Throughout her employment in the government sector she acquired a first-hand understanding of the need for compliance while never quite losing her entrepreneurial ability to think “outside the box”. In 1999, Ms. Marinov received her Master’s Degree graduating with honors from Northern Arizona University. She serves on the Board of the Securities Transfer Association, Chairs the Small Transfer Agent Committee, and is a member of the Society of Corporate Secretaries and Governance Professionals, the Shareholder Services Association and the National Investor Relations Institute. She is also the managing member for MNS Presentations Group, LLC, an educational resources organization.

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