How do I Transfer Shares?

1. For certificated transfers, you must provide a signed and medallion guaranteed stock power. A medallion guarantee can be obtained from any US-based bank or brokerage firm.

2. For a transfer of shares in registered but book entry form on the books of the issuer at the transfer agency, you also must provide a signed and medallion guaranteed stock power.

3. Send 1) the original certificates (for certificated transfers) or your most recent transfer-agent-produced account statement (for registered book entry shares) to the transfer agent along with 2) the appropriately signed and guaranteed stock powers, 3) specific instructions to the transfer agent using the completed Transfer Instruction Form, and 4) payment to the transfer agent. (Call Transfer agent for most current fees.)

4. Ensure that you have also provided your own contact information including email address and phone number so that we may contact you if we have any questions.

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