Our History

The history of First American Stock Transfer, Inc. is a true rags to riches story. It was first established in an office the size of a closet servicing approximately 40 companies – most of which were inactive or private. But the company offered exceptional service taking a personal interest in each and every company, and its reputation grew. By 1998, First American Stock Transfer had grown to the point the operations required a real office setting and a full registration with the SEC. Many companies were attracted to it because they received a real relationship manager who, not only provided fast and efficient transfer services, but also educated their clients at the same time. And as the clients learned about the public market, they felt more empowered to enter the market, create capital for their company and successfully trade their shares.

The founder of the company, Philip Young, was a true entrepreneur with a knowledge base that few could match. He literally brought more than 50 years of experience with him to the office each day. In the 1950’s he was considered a securities “whiz kid” as both a stockbroker and stock trader for Refsnes, Ely Beck in Arizona (which, through the years, eventually merged with Dain Rauscher and then RBC Capital Markets.) He left there in the 1960’s and started the first and only regional stock brokerage firm with a seat on the NYSE – Young, Smith and Peacock, Inc. While with YSP, he continued to trade securities as well as underwrite numerous issues going public in the region. From the 1970’s into the 1990’s he continued lending his expertise to brokerage firms that later merged into firms still known today – Wedbush Securities, Wells Fargo Bank and Brokerage Services, and Kemper Investments. Philip also had a daughter, Salli, who listened to everything he had to say. When he retired in 2005, Salli took over the company adding her expertise and enthusiasm.

Salli A. Marinov, M.Ed. – President/Chief Executive Officer
Salli brings to First American extensive experience in the securities industry that spans more than 30 years and many different environments ranging from cage accounting to retail brokerage, to wholesale inventory trading, to starting her own school offering tutoring and assistance to new brokers preparing to take their Series 6 and 7 licensing exams. In 2004, she came onboard at First American and, with her enthusiasm and expertise, has exponentially grown the company to its current size.

Salli also brings a well-rounded set of skills acquired in time she spent away from the securities industry. Starting in the mid-80’s, Ms Marinov entered the U.S. Navy and was stationed in both Hawaii and Spain. Upon leaving the military, she became an addictions counselor, offering guidance, writing curriculum and teaching life skills to felony probationers in Maricopa County. Later, as a probation officer with Maricopa County Superior Court she acted as a liaison between the individual and the Court system. Throughout her employment in the government sector she acquired a first-hand understanding of the need for compliance while never quite losing her entrepreneurial ability to think “outside the box”.

In 1999, Ms. Marinov received her Master’s Degree graduating with honors from Northern Arizona University. She serves on the Board of the Securities Transfer Association, Chairs the Small Transfer Agent Committee, and is a member of the Society of Corporate Secretaries and Governance Professionals, the Shareholder Services Association and the National Investor Relations Institute. She continues to love to teach, provides training to smaller transfer agencies nationwide and has just finished her first textbook offering basic skills in written form to smaller agencies as well as newer employees of larger agencies. She is also an advocate for smaller cap companies wanting to trade in the public market and the managing member for MNS Presentations Group, LLC, an educational resources organization.

John Lorenzen – Senior Vice President
John has lived in the Phoenix area for over 50 years. He received his Bachelor of Science in accounting from Arizona State University and is a graduate of Pacific Coast Banking School at the University of Washington. He is certified by the Institute of Certified Bankers as a corporate trust specialist and was previously employed for over 35 years by the Bank of America (and its predecessors, Security Pacific Bank and The Arizona Bank) in trust marketing, administration and management. He serves on the Risk and Compliance Committee of the Securities Transfer Association.