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What will my account statement show?
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  • Proxy Materials for Upcoming Annual or Special Meetings
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If the company in which you own shares has opted to allow their shareholders access to their individual accounts and you have submitted a request for online access form you will be able to view your holdings online. If you need to change your password or have lost your password, please use the automated password reset found on the login page. Keep your password safe. With your logon and password you will be able to view an account summary, your account record in detail, change your address, print a Form 1099-B if you received dividends, access proxy materials for any upcoming meeting, and vote. Your account will reflect your holdings, the date which is shown as your issuance date and the date the record was cancelled on the books (not necessarily the same as the date you sold your securities). It will show the communications you have initiated with the transfer agent, your voting record and, will reflect your cost basis per lot.

Please keep in mind that all of this information will only be available to you if:

  1. The Issuing Company has opted for you to have access
  2. You hold records in registered form on the books of the transfer agent (certificated, book entry or DRS).
  3. A request form for online account access has been submitted.

If you own or acquired your shares through a brokerage firm or a bank, the shares will most likely not be registered in your name and you will not see them shown here. Those shares will be registered in “street name”, which is the name of the brokerage, bank (or depository), and you will see those shares shown on your brokerage or bank statement only. Should you want to see your shares shown here, you will have to change your account at your brokerage firm to have your shares registered in DRS form (Direct Registration System). The brokerage or bank will then place an order into the system for your shares to be taken out of street name and placed into your name. Once we have received the request from the brokerage firm and the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation, you will be able to see the information immediately. You will not be able to make the request of us, instead of your brokerage firm. We cannot initiate any actions here for shares that are in street name. But we can comply with a request made of us from the brokerage firm or from DTCC.

Once you have been provided with an email confirming your registration and temporary password, you may go directly to the login area on the home page and log into your account.