Shareholder Online Forms

Address Change Form: Address change form to be used by shareholders to report a change of address.

Affidavit of Domicile: When there is a death of a shareholder and/or an estate handling the transfer, this form is used to declare in what state the shareholder resided prior to passing.

Corporate Transfer Resolution: Any corporation or LLC must complete this to inform us who has the authority, within the entity, to transfer shares.

Electronic Transfer Request DWAC: To be used for electronic transfers

Irrevocable Stock Power: This is a stand-alone stock power for the transfer of shares that must be signed by the shareholder in the presence of a bank or brokerage employee who will medallion guarantee the signature of the shareholder.

Shareholder’s Representation Letter for removal of Rule 144: If shares are restricted under Rule 144, this form must be completed by the shareholder and submitted with transfer.

Transfer Request Form: For transferring certificated shares or book-entry shares from one person or entity to another.

W-8 BEN: This form is used by foreign shareholders to declare that they are not a resident of the United States and, therefore, should have no tax withheld.

W-9: This form must be submitted by all U.S. citizens to declare their Social Security Number for tax purposes.