Proxy Planning
Deliver Initial Drafts of **Meeting Documents to Company
Day one
Immediately Request NOBO Lists from Broadridge:
add 3 days
Receive Initial Comments from Company:
add 3 weeks
Deliver Revised Drafts of Meeting Documents to Company:
add 5 days
Receive Final Comments from Company:
add 7 days
Finalize Meeting Documents:
add 2 days
Notice given to Transfer Agent for Processing
add 1 day
Deliver Copies of Meeting Documents to Transfer Agent:
add 2 days
Process Record Date for Eligibility:
add 7 days
Transfer Agent to Mail Copies of Notice and/or Meeting Documents to

• These materials must be sent 30 days prior to meeting if
Full Delivery Option chosen or,
add 34 days
• If Notice & Access chosen, first Notice must be sent 40 days
prior to meeting with additional proxy materials to be sent 30
days prior to the meeting.
or add 45 days
(Transfer agent tabulates votes daily between mail date and meeting date)
Total calendar days to plan for proxy before the meeting
= 75 days min.

** The term “Meeting Documents”: means and includes (1) the Notice of Annual Meeting;
(2) the form of Proxy; and (3) the applicable legal documents that pertain to matters to
be voted at meeting.

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